ACNH items could be duplicated if a specific method

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    A brand new update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons was released this morning for players of the game who are playing on the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Lite, and Nintendo Switch OLED consoles. Unfortunately, there isn't much new information for those of you who are still playing the most recent Animal Crossing game on the Nintendo Switch at this time. However, while it's possible that dataminers will unearth additional information about the update in the coming hours and days, for the time being, all we have are the official patch notes, which reveal that Nintendo has only made two changes to the game as a result of the update, according to the official patch notes.

    One of these two items is a fix for a problem in which items could be duplicated if a specific method was used to do so. The other item is a replacement for an existing item. There are no specifics provided by Nintendo about this particular technique; however, it is bad news for those who are attempting to take advantage of the duplication bug. As a bonus, a change introduced by this update eliminates the possibility that a single character could end up appearing twice on the island where Paradise Planning is located.

    Items could be duplicated by employing a specific method, which was discovered and corrected immediately.

    An issue where the same character appeared twice on the island where Paradise Planning is located has been resolved, and the bug that caused this has been fixed.

    Recently, we brought you word of a more substantial-sounding update that was rumored to be on the way for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. This is not the same update as the previous one. The rumor mill has it that an update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons is on the way, courtesy of Samus Hunter, a well-known Nintendo leaker and insider. Perhaps a minor update, such as one of those mini-updates that download while the game is running, something that will bring back the Holiday Festivities for this year as well as some new items, but nothing too significant. Animal Crossing: New Horizons can be played on the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Lite, and Nintendo Switch OLED consoles, as well as on the Nintendo 3DS. Visit our dedicated Nintendo and Nintendo Switch page for more information on everything Nintendo and the Nintendo Switch, including the latest news, rumors, leaks, speculation, and deals. You can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

    Inventory shortages and supply chain constraints will have a significant impact on the holiday shopping season in 2021, according to the International Inventory Management Association. According to reports, Timmy and Tommy Nook of Animal Crossing: New Horizons will be holding their own Black Friday sale in-game starting on November 26 as part of the new Animal Crossing 2.0 update, which will be available in the United States starting on November 26. Players from the ACNH who have dared to travel weeks into the future in order to visit Nook's Cranny in search of bargains have provided the information contained in this article. The Nook Friday event will take place from November 26, the day before Black Friday in real life, to November 30, the following Tuesday, according to a report published yesterday by NintendoLife.

    1. Nook Friday is an exciting new event in the ACNH calendar, and it is a great opportunity for newcomers to catch up on their grocery shopping and other necessities
    2. The fact that Nook's Cranny did not receive an entirely new expansion as part of the game's massive 2
    3. 0 update, however, has left some players dissatisfied
    4. Even better, that would have been awesome too
    5. Every item in their store will have its prices reduced by 30% over the course of this time period, according to the brothers
    6. When it comes to small ticket items, that's a nice bit of money off the top, and it could mean thousands of dollars off the top when it comes to more expensive items
    7. The occurrence of the event has been confirmed by other players who have begun to post screenshots of it from the future on the internet
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