ACNH players could display items that they particularly liked

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    Winter has arrived in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and in addition to snowy trees and holiday events, players may want to consider participating in a Buy Animal Crossing Bells advent calendar gift exchange organized by the Animal Crossing: buy ACNH 2.0 Items community. Additionally, there are several new decorations and items, some of which would make excellent gifts for the advent calendar swap.

    During the months of December and January, players can look forward to two distinct events to look forward to. Animal Crossing players, on the other hand, may find the holiday season to be long and cold outside of these two major celebrations.

    To brighten the holiday season, Reddit user CriticalBlackberry49 proposed an idea for a community-driven advent calendar that would count down from Christmas until the end of the month of December. There's an explanation of how two or more players can swap a gift every day in the Reddit post. This ensures that each participating player has at least one gift to open in their mailbox each morning. The exchange could also be used to assist players in collecting seasonal items such as snowflakes and winter DIYs. Everyone who takes part in the advent calendar swap will benefit from it because it will increase their chances of completing their holiday decoration arsenal as a result of their participation.

    • In addition to exchanging one final gift, players could display items that they particularly liked or even swap gifts that may not have worked with their respective island themes
    • In Animal Crossing: buy bells animal crossing new horizons, players can put together imaginative celebrations such as an advent calendar exchange, allowing fans to stay connected no matter how far they are separated
    Daisy Mae is the mastermind behind the Daisy Mae's Pick'n Patch event, which will take place in the Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp spin-off game during the months of April and May 2020. At the end of this event, Daisy Mae will teach players about new farm mechanics, including how to obtain the rare farmer seeds that are only available during this event. In spite of the fact that she was only granted access to the Animal Crossing phone app last year, Daisy Mae's participation in the game's events shows her to be an engaged and enthusiastic community member who is eager to share her knowledge of farming with others.
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