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    It's difficult to see Blizzard in a positive light given the company's recent history, despite the fact that you could choose to ignore the ethical and managerial issues that have come to light over the past few months. Consequently, hardcore fans were more outraged by the Diablo Immortal fiasco than they were by the release of Diablo III, resulting in a lower level of excitement for the announcement of Diablo IV than should have been the case given the previous events. According to the results of a recent survey, the abrupt cancellation of the Heroes of the Storm professional leagues, as well as the recent poorly explained announcement of Hearthstone expansions, have left a bad taste in many people's mouths. With no compelling reason to bring them back, it has already done enough to drain players' bank accounts. Then there was the mismanagement of Warcraft III: Reforged, which left people scratching their heads and wondering what had happened to a studio that had previously demonstrated itself to be impervious to making mistakes. Many people were giddy with excitement and dread at the same time when the announcement of D2R PS4 runes was made. Even though it's exciting to see an absolute classic get a brand new coat of paint, history has taught us to be cautious when we see something of this caliber. The fact that Blizzard delegated development to a third-party organization was a step in the right direction when it came to alleviating the situation.
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    A fantastic job was done by the team at Vicarious Visions (now known as Blizzard North) when it came to bringing Diablo II up to modern-day standards. The visual appeal of the game extends throughout the entire game, from the gloomy dungeons to Hell itself. Every detail, from color accents to reflections in puddles of water, contributes to the overall impression created by the scene.

    It has been included with a gamepad interface, which is one of the more unexpected additions to the game. It's possible that if you're a Diablo III purist, you'll never use that feature, but if you've played the game on a console in the past, you'll find that this is an exact port of the mechanics that you've become accustomed to from the game's previous iterations. Hotkeys can be used to perform up to 12 different actions at the same time, as well as to direct movement in any direction you desire. A similar approach can be taken when navigating through the menu system, which takes some getting used to due to the fact that the same button can perform two different actions depending on whether it is pressed or held. As long as buy D2R PC runes works, it works well enough and feels natural, broadening the appeal of the game to PC transplants who still prefer to use a gamepad when it is possible, as well as those who have previously only played Diablo III on consoles but are now considering trying it out on a computer.

    It is likely that you are already familiar with Diablo II, and as a result, the new features included in the remaster will be of little interest to you. While the Lord of Destruction expansion pack has been integrated into the game, you have the option of creating a character that does not include any of the Lord of Destruction additions if you so desire. In the new version of the game, all of the classes, which range from Amazon to Barbarian to Necromancer and more, as well as their skill trees and abilities, have remained unchanged. All of the build guides that have been developed over the years are still relevant today, no matter which bosses you encounter in your journey through the game.

    You'll notice a few differences if you haven't played the series until Diablo III or if you haven't played the first iteration of Diablo II and have no fond memories of it, but your reactions to each of these differences will be different. The story in this game is significantly more interesting than the combined storylines of the previous two games. There's less chance of anyone skipping cut scenes this time around, with the exception of those who are impatient, thanks to the fact that you have to track down the possessed hero from the first game. When viewed from the perspective of gameplay, it is effective due to the fact that it provides an understandable explanation for why you are confronted with swarms of enemies after he has fled.
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