Horrendous Diaper Rash

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    A month or so ago my daughter had the most awful, horrendous diaper rash ever. She had diarrhea, and even though we changed within minutes each time, her skin actually became burned from from the acidity. It took burn cream to heal it. It was so awful. Her pediatrician suspected a sensitivity to cow's milk, as we had just switched over to cow's milk when the issues started. She's now been on soy milk since then and has been doing great!

    However, ever since then, even though we slather her in a thick layer of diaper cream at all times, she develops a rash very, very easily. It isn't like a normal rash, though, she gets open sores on her skin. I am at a loss! We switched brands of diapers and have tried every cream imaginable, from zinc oxide based to petroleum and lanolin based. Nothing is helping. We do diaper free time as often as possible, but we can't keep her naked all the time.

    Has anyone experienced this? Any helpful advice?

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