How to Make an Introduction?

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    Here in this post you can read about writing introduction paragraph. This is one of the most important parts of an essay. The introduction allows you to give a first impression to the proofreader. This is by showing that you have understood the issues of the topic and that you will treat it correctly.

    Any introduction is necessarily carried out in 3 steps:

    1st step: The Goal

    The goal is to introduce the subject in such a way as to show that it is important to treat it in 7-8 lines maximum. It is possible:

    - To start with an example of actuality (which relates to the 4-5 years before) in relation to the subject. It is the ideal.

    - To start simply by defining the terms of the subject but it is less good.

    - To situate the subject in its importance by quickly presenting its interest.

    Do not do it: Start with "all time ..." or "men always have ..." or "this is an exciting subject"

    2nd stage: The problem

    This is the essential step. You have to rephrase the subject. This is by showing that you have understood its implications. That you have grasped the underlying debate, and that you will treat it as a whole. This step must be written in about ten lines. And it perhaps shows the opportunity to define the terms of the subject (if you have not already done so in the goal).

    The ideal: Generally, we begin by linking what will follow to the beginning. Then we reformulate the subject, either paraphrasing or asking questions that relate to the subject.

    Do not do: just copy the subject word for word, without explaining anything, and without showing the stakes.

    3rd step: The announcement of the plan

    It is necessary to announce the two large parts, avoiding using precisely the words "parties". In general, one writes either "At first, we will see that ..., before showing that ...", or "After having shown that ..., we will analyze that ...” Moreover, it is sufficient to announce the major parties, not the subparts. If you still have problem then go through with this cheap essay writing service. You can get better help here.
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