I believe milestone posts are great for the subreddit

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    Also seeing spoilers and Animal Crossing Bells time travel, I know think it is a remarkably tough issue to medium concerning seasonal events and things. What's a spoiler for the northen hemisphere isn't a spoiler for the southern (and vice versa) and it would be unjust to police people's hemisphere choice for the sake of a spoiler tag. I do however feel that spoilers might be used for some time locked items (such as the mario items) that are hacked in before their release date. This could be less taxing to medium as there's a fixed release date for the items along with the spoiler tag can be enforced in the afternoon of this upgrade to the afternoon of thing release. It's not something that bothers me personally but could be something to think about.

    On common occurances I believe milestone posts are great for the subreddit overall as animal crossing is largely a game about setting your goals and I think that it's great that people have somewhere to discuss them. I am also very sympathetic about the sticky limit and with this in mind I feel the current codes and questions threads do a nice job of keeping the subreddit clean.

    Anyway that was my two cents, I think you guys do a fantastic job with Cheap Animal Crossing Items the subreddit and you're taking it in a fantastic direction!
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