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    Saradomin: Power Usage: 50% Impact: The move restores half of RuneScape gold your hit damage to your hitpoints and a quarter to your Prayer, receiving a minimum of 10 Hitpoints and 5 Prayer points. Tactics: This attack is a move that's universally useful, since it can cure you substantially and restore Prayer it is good for training, - but for the same reasons it's quite useful for duelling as it can help save you from death and give you the advantage.

    Zamorak: Power Usage: 60% Impact: The attack freezes competitions for 20 seconds as well as doing regular harm. Strategies: The attack could be useful for PKing, as it may hold opponents whilst you attack them. It's also very helpful in Combat Mini games like Castle Wars or Clan wars as it can stop your opponent from running. Personally, I like Zamorak since then you can hit an monster, it freezes for 20 seconds while it is possible to flee.

    Here are my standing: Combat lvl 51, Attack: 40, Power: 50, Defence: 34. I'm not lvling up my def. Because I really don't desire it to be over lvl 40 and I may consider lvling up str. I will be wearing complete adamant and wielding rune scimmy, and attracting swordies. 1. 2. A friend of mine is bringing anchovy pies (heals 18hp). Can it be recommended? 3. Finally, can I chased the dragon? Anchovie pies I believe are two snacks, so you have to click twice on it and just get 9hp every time.Teacuptime told me that... 1) Now's costs are Pure Essence 156gp, Nature Runes 287gp. You can use the grand exchange database to look up costs such as these, it is on the runescape frontpage. 2) Gloves are only readily available for low level f2p runes, if your priority is XP, the ZMI would be better for you, if your priority is profit then Nature runes will be better.

    Use the ZMI all how to 91 if you're in a hurry to have to double nats because it's the quickest way to get XP, or perform NatsLawsBloods then switch to double Astrals at level 82 in the event that you want money. There's no issue crafting law runes if you're happy using the abyss, or using the baloon path, which is totally safe. 3) 99 runecrafting will take about 2 years hard work. Do not underestimate the time and effort involved! Less than 2500 players have even got up to 91. You will earn a lot of cash along the way though. I have bought Guthans, level 90 building along with a lot more with all the money I made only getting to 91. Can I attract lobsters, or would I want sharks? Monkfish? Anything else I am missing that would be valuble? I am battle level 82, incidentally, will be 83 or 84 when I get 70 attack. I'm going to be a member very soon, and I need about 3.1mil in order to get all of the stuff I want. I've sold all of the stuff I don't need, and I'm still just at 2.3mil, which means I can not receive a whip. So, I want to get another 1mil just to be secure and have a little change if something happens. How do I get 1mil decently fast once I become a member?

    I had been thinking about purchasing some pure ess and crafting legislation. I've been chopping yews alot lately, and I'm getting quite bored with this, so I'd like to do something else. However if that's the ideal choice, then that is fine I suppose. I really don't care if I need to train a skill for a little first. Among the first things I intended on instruction was theiving and fletching, therefore if those could make money quickly, allow me to know how? Also, if you do not mind, what is a great ability to train that will get me alot of money as well, even if it takes some time to cheap OSRS gold get there??

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