I have to agree with JagexMaylea and JagexSel

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    Keep learning! Go out of your way to gain all different kinds of experiences, because you never know how it may end up when applying to some matches function serving you. As soon as you're successful in acquiring a gaming function, keep studying and growing! It will also help you in good stead if you're proactive and effective on your passion for matches and also have something to OSRS gold talk about (whether that is leading to a fansite, writing for a gaming review website, making your own games/ sites etc). Be open to different roles - there are a whole lot of'traditional' methods into Runescape games business which can give a chance to gain experience and insight into the introduction of games.

    For Runescape especially - The female and male armours mostly follow the same layouts, Runescape players appear to prefer armour that is more practical as well so I think that is really cool:-RRB- There's always room for improvement. It doesn't bother me too much as long as the design is great. Is the design in FE3H of female Byleth - her belly button is revealing for no reason and it's around the place? I like the layout tho of man Byleth I wish it had been an option for each of them!

    I have to agree with JagexMaylea and JagexSel that some of our previous designs can be lacking from... subtlety? There's anything as time and place, although I'm certainly not against personalities. When designing I like to consider function who's this? What do they need to do? What kind of movements and practicalities are necessary? I can begin building the aesthetics based round the functions After those questions have been answered by me. I believe creativity comes from limitations and bounds, and the the boundaries are, the more of a character you are able to create!

    Historically some of the characters' shirts in Runescape have experienced patches of cloth in relation to the ones, although we are moving away from this tendency a bit and there are some outfits on the market which are more skimpy on buy RS gold men than on women. (looking at you, barrows armour). That said there's a vast array of choice and Runescape players may dress their avatar the way they desire. We've been pushing for more equality with names as well, so there's progress!

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