In Animal Crossing 12-3 you can send exclusive postcards to your friends at nook miles tickets

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    A new version of Animal Crossing is available for download during the Christmas season

    You can send postcards to the island's animal residents as well as to the other players. Orville will assist you with your postal needs during your first visit with him. You will find an envelope folder on the right-hand side of his desk, which you can use to send letters to friends. This is a fee-based service.

    Animal Crossing can also be used to celebrate Christmas, with players able to decorate their homes with festive decorations and interact with family and friends in the game. At the same time, because the prices of the items are extremely low during the event and can only be purchased for a limited time period: February 1st to December 3rd, 2022, it is extremely cost-effective to purchase Nook Miles Tickets during this period. Double-check that you are connected to the Internet and that Postcard holder is closed before selecting a friend from the drop-down menu and pressing the send button.


    Following the completion of the message, press the plus button on the right controller to view a preview of Free Animal Crossing Items, Bells, Nook Miles Tickets. Afterwards, you have the option of continuing to write and saving the message for later transmission, or you can cancel the sending card by pressing the minus button on the left controller, and the operation is completed, which is very simple and convenient.

    Aside from that, you can also personalize postcards. If you send an animal to another animal on your island, it's possible that they will respond. There will be a different color change for each item in the set. As is the case with most holiday-themed items, you can only select one color for each item in your ACBellsBuy store, so please check back frequently to ensure that you have collected all of the items.

    As the snow slowly accumulates on the island, special snowflakes will fall from the sky, enhancing the overall experience. If you catch them with a net, you can collect more winter-themed DIY recipes for your collection. Shaking the decorative trees around the island may cause special decorations to fall from the branches. If you collect enough food, you will also be eligible to receive special Christmas-themed DIY recipes throughout the month of December if you have collected enough food.
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