MapleStory M features lots of automation

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    Maybe a few paying gamers receive cap damage just by paying his own cash for NX cash from cubing (which is a really small portion of gamers ) and for some of these, should they cap other characters, they may buy more NX OR actually buy NX with meso.

    Seeing this, it also creates many prohibited trades, even if NX>meso trade existed for longer, directly or in form of transactions via leech or buy Maplestory M Mesos. Now this game gets so much pay2win NOT simply because of Nexon, but in addition some players mentality. For this reason these trades exist.

    Players that are hooked on damage but not enough for not respecting ToS,particularly skilled in-game, can attain stuffs faster and using every lawful manners. In-game to get slowly funded but not as much as paying gamers and who dont respect ToS.

    And players who are just too hooked on damage and think they HAVE to solo. Everything to win the match, many are ready to disrespect ToS and eventually commit.illegal transactions, by using NX, USD and PP currencies. Those who claim to attain cap damage without spending.

    Dime to cope cap on end-game boss. About USD and PP monies, they only sell for real money (this is a Tiny portion of players, sufficient I dont know any of them, but they MAY exist) and occurs to sell their particular equips because they want to leave game for great and therefore are dishonnest to kinda steal money from the company (I said kinda:p)

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