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    If you have the opportunity to go to Soc Trang on the lunar month of the 10th lunar month, do not miss the Ok om bok festival (moon worshiping ceremony, thanksgiving and praying for the good Khmer crop) of the Khmer. Xoan orange is grown in Tra On a district that is also one of the famous fruits. This orange has a mild aroma, less water but sweet, not harsh. It is in the vicinity of Sóc Trăng, 1.5 hours from Long Xuyen, 3 hours from Châu Đốc and Rạch Giá, about 6 hours from Cà Mau, and 169 km (3 hours) from Ho Chi Minh City.This is the place you should definitely try when coming to Soc Trang. It is adjacent to the sea and the sea here and still retains its inherent wildness.This fish is considered a specialty of the flood season and this is also the season when the flower blooms throughout the river. If departing from Ho Chi Minh City, there will be two forms of transportation: van / bus and motorbikes. Depending on the needs of each person, appropriate means will be chosen.Cay Xanh Pagoda (Nien Phong Cung) in 2 days 15, 16; The vestige of the victory of 75 enemy battalions in 1973 was recognized by the Ministry of Culture and Information as a historical relic on "Place of memorial event" on July 20, 1997.


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