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    п»їBest 5 Sports Betting Sites Online 2020 | Top Sportsbooks.
    Sports betting on the Internet can be a thrilling experience for anyone. If you want your sports betting experience to go off without a hitch, however, you need to find the right website. Thankfully, the Internet is home to quite a few appropriate sites that can provide users with top-notch experiences. Be sure to check them out as soon as you get the chance.
    #1 Bovada.
    If you’re keen on sports betting online, then there aren’t many website options that can even compete with Bovada. People who have penchants for gambling on the Internet often can’t turn away from this option. It presents users with an abundance of diverse choices as well. Some examples of these are baseball, basketball, and golf. It doesn’t matter what your specific sport preferences are. Bovada can help you attain an online betting experience that’s one for the record books, period. When you’re on the lookout for the best sports betting sites, then Bovada without a doubt should be on your radar. Fans of sports betting online frequently gravitate to Bovada and to all of its choices. Registration with Bovada can be a delight as well. That’s due to the fact that newbies can receive thrilling perks as incentives. If you like the concept of betting on hockey, basketball and the like, then you won’t be able to resist paying a visit to Bovada. Tennis bets have never been quite so pleasant online.

    As Sports Gambling Grows, So Do Appetite-Whetting Sure Bets.
    Online gambling sites are offering can’t-lose propositions, giving away easy money to attract new customers to a nascent multibillion-dollar industry. These come-ons should reach a peak just ahead of the Super Bowl.
    Published Feb. 2, 2021 Updated Feb. 3, 2021.
    You’ve heard it all your life: There is no such thing as a sure thing. Well, that was before betting on sports could be legal anywhere in the United States. Now it’s a free-for-all of easy money as sports books in search of new customers hype their services on sports broadcasts, social media and drive-time air waves.
    Last week in Michigan, where online betting recently became legal, the gaming company FanDuel was happy to give new customers their beloved Detroit Pistons and an eye-popping plus 159.5 points against the Los Angeles Lakers. Bettors didn’t need the can’t-lose points — Detroit won, 107-92, costing the sports book $2 million in payouts.
    For FanDuel, it was money well spent. For about $45 a head, the site signed up nearly 47,000 new Michigan bettors.
    In the gambling industry, can’t-miss propositions and cash handouts are time-tested ways to build market share quickly. These come-ons will peak just ahead of this weekend’s Super Bowl, the holiest of occasions in the religion of sports and the most-watched television show in the United States.
    With DraftKings’ “Big Game No Brainer,” a new user will be able to turn $50 into $100 if either Tampa Bay or Kansas City scores a single touchdown in Sunday’s game. “Win Terry Bradshaw’s Money,” brought to you by FOX Bet, has already become a staple of N.F.L. programming on the network.
    Bookmakers have said the sports betting market is maturing faster than they anticipated, with an unfortunate and unlikely assist from the economic devastation left by the coronavirus pandemic.
    “The tipping point is here. What we went through last year is the driver,” said Kip Levin, the chief executive officer of FOX Bet. Even with the disruption in sports, Levin said, 14 betting states collectively took in more than $1 billion in revenue in 2020, demonstrating that sports gambling can bolster economies in new markets.
    “State officials recognize this and now they need revenues for their state,” he said.
    Less than three years after the Supreme Court struck down a federal law that prohibited sports gambling in most states, betting on games is legal and underway in 20 states and the District of Columbia.
    The more than $1 billion in 2020 revenue is projected to grow sixfold by 2023, according to a study by Eilers & Krejcik Gaming, a research and consulting firm. If all 50 states permit sports betting, revenues will surpass $19 billion annually, the study projects.
    Multibillion-dollar industries will beget multibillion-dollar marketing as bookmakers, media companies and tech entrepreneurs have rushed in to claim their place in the market.
    “Sports betting now is like water and finding its way into everything, especially now when operators are trying to attract new customers,” said Chris Grove, a partner at Eilers & Krejcik. “In a mature market like the United Kingdom, a mid-tier bookmaker will spend about 40 cents of every dollar acquiring and retaining new customers. Here we’re seeing a 100 percent or more spend on each buck.”
    Last year, bookmakers spent more than $200 million on television advertising alone, according to the advertising information company MediaRadar, and since mid-June of 2020 they have increased their television spending by 82 percent over the previous year. Sports gaming executives have said they expect to double that amount on advertising and promotions by year’s end, as betting operations move closer to opening in five more states — Washington, North Carolina, Louisiana, Maryland, and South Dakota.
    Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo of New York, who is banking on the State Legislature to approve mobile sports betting this spring, has said it could bring hundreds of millions of dollars into state coffers as New York is facing a multi-billion-dollar deficit. Despite his enthusiasm, Cuomo said he wanted the state to have tight control over the betting platforms, likening sports gambling to the state-run lottery.
    “This is not a moneymaker for private interests to collect just more tax revenue,” he said. “We want the actual revenue from sports betting.”
    No matter what deals are reached in New York, betting on sports has already demonstrated a grip on American culture and a capacity to assault our senses.
    Sports gaming executives acknowledge there is a fine line between seducing new customers and exhausting them. Officials at DraftKings and FanDuel said they had learned from mistakes they made trying to bring daily fantasy sports to the market.
    In 2015, the two sports books blanketed television with advertising, spending more than $100 million each, consistently ranking among the top companies each week in airtime purchased. During the N.F.L.’s opening weekend alone, DraftKings and FanDuel spent more than $27 million for about 8,000 television spots, according to data from iSpot.tv, which measures national TV advertising.
    The aggressive marketing helped lift each company’s valuation to $1 billion, but it also brought scrutiny from state attorneys general who were not convinced the fantasy games were legal. With expensive legal challenges and a backlash among customers, both businesses were badly damaged.
    “We spent a lot of money. It was not the wisest thing to do,” said John Avello, the director of the sports book at DraftKings. “It did make us well known. Now we do it smarter.”
    Mike Raffensperger, chief marketing officer at FanDuel, said sports books were merely following in the footsteps of Netflix, Uber and other digital companies that pioneered new markets.
    This time around, FanDuel wants to become part of the sports media landscape by exploiting social media and making exclusive content partnership deals with networks like TNT and Entercom Radio, one of the country’s largest owners of sports talk radio stations.
    With sports betting measures under consideration in heavily populated states such as California, Texas and Florida, sure-thing bets are certain to be dangled before new customers for years to come. Sports betting and its place in American culture are here to stay.
    “What the public thinks is going to happen in a game, which team is going to cover the spread, has become part of the larger narrative of sports,” Raffensperger said. “Betting on games has become part of the sports ecosystem.”

    Is Online Sports Betting the Future of Gambling?
    There was once a time when to place a sports bet, you had to travel to a land based bookmaker. It was certainly the case in the United Kingdom and across Europe. The same applied in the United States but with sports betting limited for legal reasons, there were fewer land based sportsbooks to visit.
    There are sure to be many sports fans who would prefer to step into a land based sportsbook and place a bet. However, convenience has started to play a huge role in our daily lives. You only have to look at supermarket deliveries, online shopping, and home technology to see how we are changing our habits. The same applies to online sports betting and for convenience alone, it has to be the future of gambling.
    Using the sportsbooks of Tennessee as an example, the Tennessee Education Lottery has approved licenses for mobile sportsbooks and at time the time of writing, there are already three available. One of them is BetMGM Tennessee and people residing in Tennessee who would like to have a wager on an upcoming sports event can simply install the application on their mobile device and make the bet. This saves having to travel to a specific venue in the state, which could be a long distance away just to have a wager on a single game.
    The continued development of technology is another reason why online sports betting is the future of gambling. We now have a greater choice of sports betting markets than we could ever have wished for and they continue to expand, covering all the major markets like NBA, MLB and NFL . In fact, some online sportsbooks now allow you to create your own sports odds for an event, which is something you could only previously request at a land based sportsbook.
    The advancement in technology means it is now possible to place a sports bet after an event has started. This is great for those who may have wanted to have a wager on an event but missed the start. However, in-play betting has seen the rise of several new sports betting strategies and is arguably the biggest development in sports betting since the introduction of the internet. It is possible to follow the action live and judge for yourself how you think the game is going to go before placing a bet.
    Thanks to live betting, several betting features have been introduced such as the cash out feature. This allows gamblers to follow the event live and the sportsbook will offer an amount of money to close the bet early. So, if your bet is currently winning but you believe the other team is going to make a comeback, you may wish to cash out the bet early and secure the profit. Online sports betting makes this easy and with one tap of the screen, you can cash out your bet.
    With the introduction of safer and more efficient payment methods plus the benefits highlighted above, it becomes increasingly clear online sports betting is the future of gambling.

    Online gaming, sports betting off to roaring start in Michigan.
    In-person sports betting in Michigan launched in March. Last week, bettors were able to place wagers online. (Photo by Edward Pevos | MLive)
    Watching last weekend’s NFL conference championship games and other sporting events was a more enthralling experience than usual for Jack Abate, of Royal Oak.
    Abate, 31, was one of thousands of Michiganders to take advantage of the highly anticipated launch of online gaming and sports betting in the state. At noon Friday, 10 Michigan casinos and their platform providers went live, offering either online sports betting, online gaming, or both.
    By all accounts, the first few days were a huge success.
    “There were no real reports of any outages -- maybe some lag here and there -- but nothing overly out of the norm in that regard. And also you had a great weekend for an opening. You had the conference championship games and you had the added bonus of a high-profile UFC fight (Dustin Poirier vs. Conor McGregor). So all in all, with the exception of maybe starting on Super Bowl Friday or the first round of the NCAA Tournament, you’re not going to get a much better opening slot.”
    Michigan Gaming Control Board executive director Richard Kalm said revenue and wagering numbers from the opening weekend are not yet available, but there was a high level of activity.
    Michigan and Virginia both launched online gambling late last week and combined for 7.5 million online gambling transactions across 400,000 accounts, according to data from GeoComply, which provides geolocation tracking services for the internet gaming industry.
    Michigan and Virginia accounted for 25 percent of the overall volume last weekend across the U.S. market, which encompasses 17 states with legal online betting.
    With Virginia launching just two operators, Altruda estimated two-thirds of the weekend’s new accounts and transactions were from Michigan.
    Abate was one of many to partake in the jam-packed sports weekend. He said he signed up with two operators and placed about 10 or 12 bets, wagering on the moneyline and points total for the football games while focusing on props and various boost bets on basketball and hockey games.
    “It kind of gives you a little bit more incentive to tune into a game that you may not have paid attention otherwise,” Abate said. “I’m not a big fancy guy for basketball, hockey or baseball, but now with online sports betting, it makes it a little bit more enjoyable to maybe turn on a game when any of my teams aren’t playing and sit down and watch maybe root for an over/under, a prop bet or something like that.
    “Moving forward, I think people are gonna tune in to maybe an offseason sport that they may not be into as much now they can put some money on the line, have a little bit more skin in the game.”
    Mike Raffensperger, chief marketing officer of FanDuel, which operates an online sportsbook and casino in nine other states, said he is encouraged by the company’s start in Michigan.
    “Honestly, it was a kick-(butt) weekend,” Raffensperger told MLive. “I think our projections have proven right. Michigan has launched with incredible fanfare. I think we have exceeded our expectations in terms of consumer appetite for both our sports betting and our online casino product.”
    Raffensperger declined to share specific numbers but said Michigan was “one of if not our most successful state launch.”
    Penn National Gaming, Inc. which has partnered with Barstool Sportsbook, said on Twitter that it received more than $2 million in first-time deposits from players over the weekend.
    Meanwhile, BetMGM reported that it had more than 200,000 successful logins by customers and more than 2 million casino spins in the first seven hours of going live.
    “BetMGM’s launch in Michigan has been our strongest launch yet, by some margin,” BetMGM CEO Adam Greenblatt said in a statement. “The strength of demand has been impressive in both sports and gaming.”
    Some of the most popular promotions were near-lock bets some operators were offering. For example, DraftKings offered a prop bet where consumers could double their money (up to a certain amount) if the Pistons made a single 3-pointer in one of their recent games.
    FanDuel paid more than $1.7 million to Michigan customers on odds boost wins over the weekend, such as doubling the consumers’ money if the Pistons scored more than 10 points in the first quarter.
    “They made it really fun and easy, whether it was your first time gambling or whether you’re a seasoned guy at sportsbook,” Abate said. “With tailoring things specific to Michigan, like Pistons prop bets or Red Wings, Michigan basketball and all that, I enjoyed that. The boosts made it fun.”
    The online sports betting rate in Michigan is 8.4% after winnings are paid out, one of the lowest among states with legal sports betting. The tax and payment rate for internet gaming ranges from about 20% to 28%, depending on how much money a casino generates from online gambling.
    Because of the competitive tax rates in the state, operators are enticed by the market. Kalm said five more operators are expected to receive MGCB approval shortly, giving consumers more options.
    Overall, Altruda believes Michigan will be a top-five market in the country, along with New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Illinois and Nevada. He said he expects Michigan to reach a monthly handle of about $500 million, but noted that could vary based on different sports seasons.
    Online gaming has the potential to bring in tens of thousands of dollars in tax revenue for the state, but Kalm said more time is needed to get an accurate projection.
    “You’re going to need a longer picture at this,” he told MLive. “It’s a few weeks before the Super Bowl. It was a big betting weekend for the football playoffs, March Madness is coming, so there’s a lot of activity going on. You really have to look at this on a quarterly basis, spread it out a little bit more to see where Michigan is going to be and how they are going to compare to other states and what the actual revenue numbers are. And we don’t have all our operators up yet.”
    Regardless, launching before the Super Bowl was paramount.
    “It’s huge in the sense that you’re getting in the largest single betting sports event of the year,” Altruda said. “You’re getting attention, you’re attracting eyeballs, you’re going to get the normal sports bettors, but you’re also going to get the average sports bettors. The ability to attract the average bettor, who may only place one or two wagers at the same time, is now a registered user that you can reach out to and still draw from as a potential base in addition to the sports fans who are going to make multiple bets daily, monthly.”
    Note to readers: if you purchase something through one of our affiliate links we may earn a commission.

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    Football Correct Fixed Matches
    Football Betting Tips
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    п»їLucky 15 Strategies For Football.
    There are a few different strategies for placing your Lucky 15 bet on the football, and these depend on your approach to betting in general.
    Do you like low odds and high certainty? Or high odds and low certainty? Or perhaps a mix of the two?
    Let’s take a look at a few examples to decide which way you should go:
    Low Odds, High Certainty Type Bet.
    So, here are our selections for our sample Lucky 15….
    Selection Odds Liverpool EVENS Crystal Palace 21/20 Man City 1/4 Man United 23/20.
    These four teams are all hot favourites to win their matches, and this is clearly reflected in their odds. Hence, this is the perfect example of a ‘low odds, high certainty’ bet.
    We’ve entered these selections into our coupon, and decided to place a £1 stake on a Lucky 15. The outcome is this:
    Outlay = ВЈ15, Potential Return = ВЈ65.
    And so we could yield a clear profit of a tidy ВЈ50. Nice.
    Now, we need to point out here that a winning ВЈ15 four-fold on these teams would return ВЈ165. But remember: all four of your selections coming is an infrequent occurrence; regardless of how certain you may be feeling.
    With a Lucky 15 bet, we’re looking for consistent, weekly income – not a one-off windfall.
    In the example above, let’s imagine that both Liverpool and Crystal Palace win, but the two Manchester teams let us down. We can calculate our return thus:
    Two Singles – Liverpool (£2.00) and Crystal Palace (£2.05) One Double – Liverpool & Crystal Palace (£4.10)
    And so our Lucky 15 has returned a grand total of ВЈ8.15 .
    There’s mildly good news and some bad news: the mildly good news is that we have a return on our initial investment that we can put towards our next bet – something that is not available in other forms of accumulator.
    The bad news is that we have made a loss of £6.85 . And so in a ‘low odds, high certainty’ style Lucky 15, we really need at least three of our selections to come in.
    Let’s try the bet again, but this time we’ll imagine that Manchester City win along with Liverpool and Crystal Palace. The returns calculation is now:
    Three Singles – Liverpool (£2.00), Crystal Palace (£2.05) & Man City (£1.25) Three Doubles – Liverpool & Crystal Palace (£4.10); Liverpool & Man City (£2.50); Crystal Palace & Man City (£2.56) One Treble – Liverpool, Crystal Palace & Man City (£5.13)
    Now our Lucky 15 has returned a grand total of £19.59 – which is a profit of £4.59 .
    So by having just one more winner – even one as stingily priced as Man City are in this example – we can turn our frowns upside down. Hopefully this has convinced you that even low-priced winners can add value to your Lucky 15 .
    High Odds, Low Certainty Type Bet.
    From a mathematical perspective, if we backed four 15/1 shots on our Lucky 15 then we’d only need one winner to make a small profit. With two winners we’d double our money. That, in itself, is very tempting.
    Finding winners at such a long price is a skill in itself however, and if you are good at finding them then you should probably be sticking to singles betting anyway!
    Backing a 15/1 winner on the horses is tricky (but doable), but finding four 15/1 winners on the football in outright match betting markets is nigh on impossible.
    There are other permutations that you could consider though: Half Time/Full Time betting is becoming increasingly popular, and add value to what would otherwise be low odds outcomes.
    For example, in the Southampton vs Tottenham game, a ‘Southampton/Draw’ scorecast was priced at 17/1.
    Finding four of these is a huge ask, but hunting down one or two a week is not completely implausible. And so we’ll have to file a ‘high odds, low certainty’ Lucky 15 bet very much in the longshot category.
    A Mix Of Both Strategies.
    There is plenty of thought amongst betting enthusiasts that the most rewarding way of utilising the Lucky 15 bet is to mix and match your odds, with three bankers and one longshot being the ultimate combination.
    Let’s take a look at an example:
    We’re going to back Liverpool at Evens, Crystal Palace at 23/20, Man City at 1/4 and that Southampton/Draw scorecast at 17/1, in a £1 Lucky 15.
    Now let’s imagine that Liverpool and the scorecast come in. This returns:
    Two Singles – Liverpool (£2.00) & Southampton (£18) One Double – Liverpool & Southampton (£36)
    Suddenly, we’ve turned over a profit of £41 with just two winners!
    The Best Lucky 15 Strategy For Football.
    Ultimately, your personal Lucky 15 strategy will be based on your own betting philosophy. Are you a high stakes punter or risk averse?
    In truth, there is no right or wrong strategy . The ‘low risk’ philosophy should see you win consistent profit – or at least get some kind of return – on a weekly basis.
    A ‘high risk’ strategy, meanwhile, may only come in a couple of times a season – but that could be enough to yield a profit.
    We would probably always steer towards a blend of the two, but this is your money at the end of the day so you need to make that judgement call.
    Other Good Reads:
    Author: Dave Jackson.
    Dave is an absolute resourse of information when it comes to tennis and football betting. He's currently writing his first book ‘Smash & Grab – Punters Guide To Accumulator Betting’ which is out later this year.
    5-Fold Acca Insurance.
    Get a refund of up to £50 if one leg of your 5-fold or bigger accumulator lets you down. T&C’s apply .
    3x Odds For One Lucky 15 Winner.
    Place a Lucky 15 bet and if only one of your four selections wins you can get a 3x the odds payout on that selection. T&C’s apply .

    correct score lucky 15.
    Aug 2, 2013 #1.
    feel free to put your selections on here if you do the correct score lucky 15.for me its only a fun bet for the weekends football. 10p lucky 15 cost ВЈ1.50.
    leeds v brighton draw 2-2 crewe v rotherham draw 2-2 scunthorpe v mansfield draw 2-2 bury v chesterfield draw 2-2.
    all odds should be about 12/1 or 14/1 one winner should get your money back.need one more bet for the weekend for a cost of ВЈ3 if anyone joins i will pick one out of your picks. good luck ian.
    Aug 2, 2013 #2.
    Okay here is my pop at this.
    12.15 burnley v bolton 2-0 14/1.
    15.00 bournemouth v charlton 0-2 18/1.
    15.00 doncaster v blackpool 1-2 10/1.
    15.00 york v northampton 1-2 11/1.
    Prices from C***ls.
    Aug 3, 2013 #3.
    Aug 3, 2013 #4.
    There is always next week!
    In my experience shop coupon prices are generally a rip off, compared to on-line prices.
    Aug 3, 2013 #5.
    Aug 9, 2013 #6.
    Aug 17, 2013 #7.
    Aug 17, 2013 #8.
    Should have used these as my BTTS comp entry.
    PS money back today.
    Aug 23, 2013 #9.
    should get back ВЈ2.40 from last week with double the odds for one winner @ 12/1, so cost this week for 2 trys 0.60p. brighton v burnley draw 2-2 tranmere v peterborough draw 2-2 bradford v sheff utd draw 2-2 northampton v torquay draw 2-2.
    charlton v doncaster draw 2-2 milton keynes v bristol city draw 2-2 watford v forest draw 2-2 man utd v chelsea draw 2-2.
    good luck with your bets on the football this weekend.
    Aug 31, 2013 #10.
    milton keynes v bristol city draw 2-2 ---- won @ 12/1 so another 2 trys this week blackpool v watford 2-2 doncaster v bournemouth 2-2 bristol v northamton 2-2 wimbleldon v fleetwood 2-2.
    birmingham v ipswich 2-2 shrewsbury v coventry 2-2 walsall v preston 2-2 portsmouth v chesterfield 2-2.
    Sep 4, 2013 #11.
    dont want to start a new topic/thread so will post here! over 1.5 goals test going to try this out see how long a small bank can last not very long at a guess but he who dont try you dont find out. start bank 25 pts all belgian division 2 3.50 pts 4 fold.
    Dessel Sport vs Tubize @ 1/4 White Star Bruxelles vs Lommel Utd @ 2/11 Roeselare vs Vise @ 2/9 RBD Borinage vs Excelsior Virton @ 2/9.
    returns: 7.72 pts if all correct.
    League stats Played matches: 28 out of 306 - 9.2% completed Over 1.5 goals: 92.9% Over 2.5 goals: 50.0% Over 3.5 goals: 28.6%
    Sep 5, 2013 #12.
    Dessel Sport vs Tubize @ 1/4 ---- score 2-2 White Star Bruxelles vs Lommel Utd @ 2/11 ---- score 2-2 Roeselare vs Vise @ 2/9 ---- score 3-1 RBD Borinage vs Excelsior Virton @ 2/9 ---- 2-3.
    start bank: 25 points new bank : 29.22 points.
    should have done the lucky 15 2-2 draws no bet tonight but i did look at icelandic 2nd division games tonight was going to do all 5 games over 1.5 goals but can not put that bet on betfair sportsbook.
    Sep 6, 2013 #13.
    all the games over 1.5 goals in the icelandic 2nd division would have won but could not place that bet. abit of a fun bet today with some spare change i had over the 29.22 points 0 1.5 o 2.5 russia v luxembourg @ 1/14 -- @ 3/10 norway v cyprus @ 1/4 -- 8/11 malta v denmark @ 1/5 -- 7/10 turkey v andorra @ 1/20-- 2/7 finland v spain @ 2/9 -- 3/4 estonia v netherlands @ 1/6 -- 8/15 switzerland v iceland @1/4-- 3/4 italy v bugaria @ 1/3 -- 21/20 germany v austria @ 1/8-- 4/9 liechtenstein v greece @ 4/11-- 21/20.
    over 1.5 goals 10 fold 0.93 pts returns 5.72 pts over 2.5 goals 10 fold 0.22 pts returns 30.78 pts bank after todays fun bet 29.00 pts.

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