Phantasy Star Online 2 is a skill-based sport, with a course equilibrium that is constantly fluctuat

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    Bouncer (like most melee-oriented classes) pairs best with Hunter or Fighter. Hunter is the ideal choice since damage balances and provides durability. Fighter can be tricky to master with Bouncer's play style. Summoner is another choice to consider while boosting Tech harm because it combines aspects of Fighter and Hunter. Bouncer isn't a fantastic sub-class since its weapons are PSO2 Meseta depended on by most of its abilities and play style.

    Fighter is your best sub-class, although most courses do not offer much for Summoners As it relies on Pet harm. Then Braver is another option, if you are just learning how to play Summoner. Your damage will not be as great, so you will probably want to change once you get comfy. Summoner is a good alternate to Hunter or if you want to utilize Techs, however you won't receive the identical damage boosts.

    The classes in Phantasy Star Online 2

    Phantasy Star Online 2 is a skill-based sport, with a course equilibrium that is constantly fluctuating. But in any game, a balance will be found in which certain classes stand out in contrast to other people. For that reason, I have decided to rank the courses of the game primarily based on flexibility instead of raw energy, as being an MMO (and an act MMO at that), every character can do any content if the mechanisms gel with you well enough.

    Gunner is your premier class of this sport. While Ranger is rather good (and leveling it Braver into 30 is a necessity for unlocking Gunner), Gunner has a lot of sheer single goal killing power that the Ranger relatively lacks. Gunner is good as sub-class, and that's exactly what marks it and the main class.

    The Fighter is to melee battle what the Gunner would be to ranged combat; only a melee combatant with access to a variety of dual-wielding capability and weapons. Similar to the Gunner, Fighter is the good peanut butter into other type' chocolate. It blends well with a wide variety of different choices both as a main and sub-class, including with Gunner itself, for a buy meseta pso2 versatile switch hitter playstyle.

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