Players will receive more POE currencies in the Heist alliance

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    The POE Heist league is in full swing. Almost every POE player is now immersed in the thrill of robbery and is looking forward to getting more POE Currency to increase the success rate of the robbery, expand the scope of action and recruit stronger thieves.

    Path of Exile's latest Heist league has introduced an entirely new ecosystem to the game's progression and endgame systems. Nine NPCs, hundreds of new items, Replica Uniques, and Heists themselves have added a breadth of content to Path of Exile that hasn't been seen in recent leagues.

    Path of Exile(3.12): A Guide To Heist

    The looters themselves will make the biggest adjustments and plan to increase their experience, shorten the length of the map and reduce the number of doors that need to open. Two new loot bosses also appeared in the new patch. Their addition makes the success of the player’s robbery more suspenseful. However, the biggest change is about to happen is to increase rewards. The team has completed a grand pass and will increase them as a whole, focusing on the boxes and their contents in the reward room. Players will also have better intelligence work capabilities and be able to view all bonus rooms on the blueprint.

    The rest of the instructions mainly involve crashes and errors, whether it is for PC, PlayStation 4 or the newly launched MacOS client. Grinding Gear Games is finishing work on the hidden tab folder, and they will follow the relationship between relatives and friends of the hidden tab up in a few weeks. It also means that if the players do not know how to proceed after the robbery, then it is meaningless for them to start the robbery.

    They also got many trophies and POE Items through their own efforts. But those beginners who have just become a member of POE players also need to Buy POE Currency and POE Orbs to lay a solid economic foundation for later actions.
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