Several Ways To Obtain PoE Currency

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    The path of exile has taken its unique way in the trading system. The developers have entirely abandoned the currency in the game, such as D3 gold. Instead, Players Trade using poe currency items. However, in many cases, the player's poe currency is not enough, so they can use various methods to get the required poe currency.

    Several Ways To Obtain PoE Currency:

    1. Mapping
    • General mapping and drops from maps.
    • Setup your syndicate members to give the desired drops (for me it would be sulphite scarabs to open up your mine to get additional sources or drops).
    • Do prophecies from time to time, they will most likely proc during mapping and some of them are worth quite a bit or are useful.
    2. Delving (from cathegory A, point 2)

    Farm azurite to upgrade the stats of your crawler/equipment to get a comfortable delving experience. Go down to reach deeper levels and better chances of rare encounters. You should also try to look in each corner for fragile walls, and the Fossils they might contain. I would guess I made like 200 Chaos Orb just by selling fossils so far.

    3. Farming Lab
    • For valuable enchants on meta-helmets or all-time-favorites like "Starkonja's Head".
    • Maximum amount of treasure keys.
    4. Special Encounters (also from A.2)
    • Special scarabs OR the incursion temple might bring up some opportunities for making money.
    • Breach research rooms / Scarabs for running Breachlord's Domains (also upgradeable through "It That Fled" in Research safe houses)
    • Harbinger orbs from syndicates/zana to fun higher tier maps (or stock up your atlas completion). Also gives you a chance to get am beachhead map.
    • Farming Atzirto sell item drops and uber fragments (this also counts for shaper fragments and his guardians; depending on what you are able to farm)
    5. Chaos Recipe (nice and easy while running atziri, lab or maps)

    If you are lack of poe currency, I recommend you buy chaos orbs or buy poe currency to save more time to enjoy the game.
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