Sounds clean and very good from a couple of minutes of messing around

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    I've a proposal. A good deal of time when I'm using this mainly the same equipment 1 thing is being compared by me switched out. It would be nice to copy the winrsgold gear from 1 side over to another for alterations that are tiny that are easy. Fantastic idea! Ill add in presets so that you may save 2/3 gear loadouts and switch into them in any time.He means for the ideal side to simply copy what's on the other hand, or vice versa. If you're comparing two items in some setup you won't want to delete loadouts simply to check that.

    Sounds clean and very good from a couple of minutes of messing around. Might I propose removing the items? Its gon na get annoying scrolling through party hats and such to discover a face guard if you're gon na use this tool a great deal. Overall you've done great and I look ahead to some feature similar to this in runelite. Good shout, ailing also categorize the hunt. Worst instead of the present arrangement, hopefully this should help too.That's a bad thing imo. For example, rune complete helms don't do anything for dps right... except in the event that you're ranging they do.I was talking about items without a stats, like party hats. Rune full helms are a used thing and of course would be in a position to be selected.

    Checked it out, and I think you made a mistake with the max hit on calculations. Max hit hydra with a tbow is an 83 and the maximum hit on your calculator says 34 that will greatly affect the general DPS calculation.I'm gonna guess you forgot to include arrows. They help a great deal too as with murdering the boss in game.Just out of curiosity, what's the DPS calculator folks are currently using? I've been using one that hasn't been updated in a long time and I'm wondering if that is even still the one others utilize.

    Boosts aren't calculated properly. +19 are given by super potions in 99, but they are giving +20. When it 13 divine ranging bastions and pots are providing. Overloads are currently giving +20 in 99, but overload + provides. Magic boosts are being bizarre and displaying boosts with decimals, like heart giving 10.9 additional levels. For there to be a skill input would like. The high scores are working now, but it'd make this unworthy, if they are supposed to go down again. Additionally, it is wonderful to be able to work out how many levels you need to gain to get a max hit with your setup. Combat level is not being calculated directly. Max players have level 126.1 but it is being exhibited as 125.87 for some reason.

    Thank you for spotting these problems! Ive pushed out a new build that resolves themLooks like the wiki calculations for overloads are incorrect (0.15 + 5 rather than 0.16 + 6), I have upgraded them to the appropriate calculations. Levels should also be calculating. Ill get manual ability lookup added in tomorrowthe search on the page does store anyplace so the downtime should alleviate when the highscores return! It changed the potion As soon as buy RS gold I changed my potions. When comparing range versus melee such as, this is bothersome. Good work keep it up!

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