What considerations should I take into account when selecting a 3D laser scanner for my project

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    Due to the fact that each scanner has a unique set of capabilities, determining which laser scanner is the best fit for your team comes down to the projects that your team works on on a daily basis. When it comes to small-scale documentation applications where images are just as important as accurate 3D data, the BLK360 is an excellent choice, such as product documentation. This product is suitable for both outdoor and indoor applications, and it performs well in congested areas due to its portability and simplicity. It is also easy to use and maintain. Because of the scanner's straightforward interface and one-button operation, users with no prior experience with laser 3D Laser Scanning technology will have no difficulty gaining proficiency with the technology. It is also ideal for projects that require a device that is easy to handle due to its light weight (it weighs only 1kg), which is made possible by its lightweight design.


    Alternatively, the RTC360 is a scalable solution for larger projects; imagine, for example, mapping something the size of an entire industrial plant with this technology. The laser scanner is an excellent choice for projects where productivity and data quality are critical, such as construction planning or public safety. A Visual Inertial System, consisting of five cameras and other sensors, is integrated into the scanner. This system enables the scanner to track its position as it moves from one setup to another while in operation. Every registration and processing operation is simplified, which results in an end-to-end workflow that is both faster and more optimized throughout the entire process. Whatever the lighting conditions are, the RTC360 can collect a full-dome HDR of images in less than one minute and has the fastest 3D laser scanning speed in the industry, with up to two million points per second, regardless of the lighting conditions. It's the perfect companion for those who work in physically demanding conditions.

    The ScanStation P-Series, on the other hand, is the ideal solution if your team requires results that are highly dependable and accurate, and which can be fed into a variety of workflows and applications. In their design, they incorporate surveying features such as target measurement, troubleshooting, and inspections, making them the highest-end laser scanners currently available. These scanners are an excellent choice if your team is required to work in the most difficult conditions with extreme temperature fluctuations. The products we provide are used by our customers in a variety of applications such as bridges, highways, mines, airport runways, and dams. Because of their superior measurement range, they will be the instruments of choice in large areas where data quality over a long distance is critical. In summary, the ScanStation P-Series scanners are weatherproof and durable, making them an excellent choice for teams that require the highest level of data accuracy possible.
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