While shopping for tiles, there are six important considerations to make

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    Bathroom, kitchen, and balcony tiles must be used in the restaurant, and the tiles play an important role in the decoration of the living room and the restaurant. The overall appearance of the house is directly influenced by the quality of their own quality and pavement. Qualities of life and featuresIn addition, the price does not change, and when problems occur in the tile, the resulting loss and difficulties are significant in magnitude. When purchasing a tile, it is easy to make a mistake if you do not have a thorough understanding of the material. Nevertheless, if you can comprehend some tiles and pay close attention to the six details, you will be able to purchase a quality tile!

    The scale of things

    When it comes to home renovation, the size of the tiles is extremely important, as it is with the spatial scene, the size of the space area, and the price of tiles, and the cost of laving construction is related to the final visual effect of the spatial scene.

    Overall, only square and rectangular shapes are used for tiles, with most other hexagons (such as tiles) being used for decorative purposes only. The floor tiles wholesale are not particularly shaped, but they come in a wide range of dimensions: from 300x300mm to 2400x3600mm and everything in between. There are literally dozens of configurations to choose from. According to the size of the spatial area to be covered by the tile, the appropriate tile size must be chosen within the constraints of the available space and available budget. It is possible to choose wall bricks that match the dimensions of the floor tiles, or they can be chosen to match personal preferences.

    Fashionableness 2.

    However, even though the tile itself does not have a style attribute, when combined with a sofa, table and chair, ornament, and other accessories, it will co-exhibit a whole space's style, which can be used to accurately design different types of tile styles and designsThe space style of the home renovation must be determined before purchasing tiles.

    The color of the tile, even though it does not have a specific style attribute, has an impact on the decoration style of the space, and we can choose the tiles that are most appropriate for the home decoration style based on the characteristics of its color. Tiles in a variety of colors, including white, gray, warm yellow, brown, and black.

    3. Establish a financial plan

    Tiles are typically purchased based on the number of tiles required to cover the area of the decoration space measured in m2. Calculate the amount of dosage required in advance of purchasing tiles in order to avoid any misunderstandings later on.

    In order to determine the number of tiles required, there are two methods:
    Decide on the number of pieces by using the following formula :
    Based on your geographical location, calculate as follows:
    The amount of tile required for renovation is equal to the number of porcelain tiles required for tiles plus 5% of the tiles required at the time of decoration plus 5% remaining tile inventory.

    It is important to note that the area for which tiles are being purchased should be approximately 105% to 110% of the total pavement area. It is important to keep in mind that when calculating the total number of tiles, one must consider the number that is produced. A decimal is added to the front integer if one exists; a loss of 3%-5% is added to the front integer if there is one.

    The cost of the item.

    There's a penny in every jar, as they say. Because, on the whole, the price and quality of the tiles are inversely proportional to each other, and because the price of low-cost tiles is likely to be accompanied by quality problems, purchasing tiles, particularly floor tiles, can't be boring at all. It is important to consider the inner quality, brand protection, and business services of a tile when making a purchase decision for one.

    5. High level of excellence

    While environmental factors such as oil smoke, stains, water vapor, and other contaminants can affect the bathroom in the home space, the wear resistance, waterproofing, nonslip, and other tile performance characteristics are relatively good, and the environment in other spaces is relatively good, as well. The requirements for the tile are very similar to this. As a result, while most tiles on the market have physical properties that can satisfy fundamental human needs, when choosing a tile it is important to look for the following three characteristics that are more prone to malfunctioning:

    To begin, determine whether or not there is a color difference between the tile pieces. Between different batches of tiles, there is a normal color difference. Once the tile has been received, it is best to inspect it for color differences in all of the packaging. If you believe that the color difference is unacceptable to the merchant, you should return it to the store.

    It is also recommended to buy more because tile merchants generally offer free return or replenishment, and because the tiles will be retired using the incomplete tiles after the pavement is completed, it is possible to avoid purchasing the first large quantity of tiles and instead purchasing a larger quantity of products from them. Chromatic aberration can be found in different types of tiles, which can have an impact on the overall decoration effect.

    The second step is to look for flatness and size errors in the resulting product. If there is a pinhole with a thick uneven needle, the brick surface can be observed from the side, and the size of the tiles can be sampled to determine whether it is necessary to pay closer attention to the size of the tile cutting. Unqualified product is defined as one with a size error greater than 0.5mm and a flatness error greater than 0.1mm. The difficulty of the construction or the use of a tile specification that is not appropriate will increase the difficulty of the construction while also affecting the overall decoration of the structure.

    Testing the brick surface is the third step. Based on the evaluation, it is determined that a hard object can be scratched into the glaze layer of the tile surface surface. Having a scratch indicates that the porcelain tiles is not strong enough, and that the wear resistance is not sufficient. As soon as the glazed tile glaze is polished off, the brick surface becomes easy to collect dirt and grime, and it becomes difficult to clean up after. It is recommended that, despite the fact that the tile baking process is now very mature, to avoid individual unscrupulous merchants, you try to choose a guaranteed tile brand and to visit official stores with improved sales services.

    Services provided by merchants to assist them

    It is not possible to purchase tiles like furniture, home appliances, and other products; instead, it is a semi-finished product with high specifications and quality, more complex links such as handling, paving construction, and so on. In addition, a variety of disputes can be resolved relatively quickly and easily. The majority of tile merchants currently offer distribution, returns, and other services; however, this service is also a source of negligibility and contradiction in the future, and it is simple to file a complaint. The smallest details matter. Prior to making a tile purchase, pay close attention to three aspects of the business supporting service.

    When it comes to delivery, double-check that it is free to be carried up and down the stairs. It varies from one tile manufacturer to another. It is important to confirm whether or not there is an elevator to take you to the upper floors before purchasing a tile.

    Keep an eye out for the replenishment of the goods, or you may be forced to withdraw from the transaction entirely. Prior to purchasing the tile, it must be measured by the measurement area, and the amount of calculations will be placed; however, it is inevitable that there will be insufficient pavement or an excessive situation on the job site. For many merchants, it is recommended that when purchasing a tile, you request a refund only once or that you have both retracted each other at the same time. The amount of tile used, and the kitchen wall tiles wholesale that produce water during the paving process are also non-refundable.

    Inspection of the tile quality to determine whether it is acceptable or if it is damaged or crackedAs previously stated, the procedure for determining the quality of tiles will not be described further here. Should one of the tiles be damaged beyond repair, the merchant will take it.
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