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    Lizi sun rays strip built true not to mention false, Lizi sun rays true not to mention false elegance

    Lichun Xizi Sunshine can be described as popular marlboro, which might be loved from most addicts. So learn how to identify Li Qunxi sun rays strip from true and / or false? Xiaobian if you want to introduce learn how to distinguish truthfully of uv rays strip.

    Li qun xi zi sun rays bar built true not to mention false

    Quotation of naff film daily news hot plugging: the naff film daily news hot sealing of this real marlboro strip carton is incredibly hot and sealed by your machine. Subsequent to hot plugging, it might be distributed in any linear not Wholesale Newport Cigarettes Online to mention horizontal process, wrinkled not to mention flat, with the help of clear outsides and scores. False marlboro bar carton hot seal owing to uneven heater, often have a relatively small area along the lines of fish dimensions distribution, while there can be obvious glue discolorations.

    Comparison from box attract wire start difference: proper smoke attract wire start shape Wholesale Newport Cigarettes Cartons might be regular, fresh is parallel. Artificial smoke insert head might be large and / or small, excessive shape, fresh is in no way straight.

    Comparison from steel close up and heated seal difference in the bottom of typically the box: the all steel metal seal font of this real marlboro strip box is okay, and typically the font footprints are rich and superficial, and typically the hot close up traces by both ceases are fixed. The counterfeit smoke all steel metal printing font might be thick, floating on the top of trademark daily news, the font stature and depth are certainly more consistent, and then the hot plugging is drop and twisted.

    Comparison from trademark daily news printing system: the mail of "Liqun" and then the patterns of this flower pool Wholesale Cigarettes Store balls of proper tobacco are actually clear, with the help of clear not to mention full facial lines and effective three-dimensional experience . The counterfeit cigarette pattern by and large is moderately fuzzy, the font is absolutely not full, the edge is absolutely not clear, and there is not any three-dimensional experience.
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