Your power will probably be increasing over the span of time

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    This isn't as P2W as you men fear because the price for upgrading/training is"extremely expensive". I get that this sort of addresses the issue that we have had that there'll immediately be a massive gap on the day RttD drops, but really what he is saying is Mut 20 coins"This is not pay to triumph - it is spend lots and lots and a lot to win". The simple fact that it costs so lots of resources to upgrade to 105 and train to 300 just makes the difference between the big spenders as well as the F2P players even larger.

    Your power will probably be increasing over the span of time, although the gap was increased, that is true. Yes, F2P will be getting 105s...but spenders will be getting them faster. The more time that passes, the more area and rewards and save packs pass rack up, the bigger the gap will likely be. The same as with Spotlights, the issue is that Max players are so powerful that pretty much the only thing that will matter is how many of these you've got. If your competitor has one more Max participant than you do, that's a large disadvantage: 150+ power, a player that is massively greater than his counterpart on your roster, and additional budget for fosters. When your opponent has four more Max gamers than you can, this drawback gets basically insurmountable: you're guaranteed to be -5 OVR out of electricity, way behind in boosts, and facing a roster using a bunch more players that are literally impossibly good as you putt along with your roster of pathetically realistic players.

    There will not be individuals with a whole lot of 105s, you're not going to run into them. For the most dedicated and competitive gamers, that's not true. At the cap of the OD and LvL scene will be filled with multi-105 rosters, because those rosters are so overpowered that there's no way they will not have the ability to crush their way to the top. Everyone else may not see 105s as frequently, but when they do it is going to become a profoundly shitty experience - you are likely to know the whole time that the playing field is level because you are much more skilled and your competitor has purchased a far superior roster. Yes, roster differentials have always been around, but it's never been this extreme.

    Be a bit patient, see how it goes. On the flip side, we've been through quite precisely, although I get that we haven't seen the implementation however. EA dropped Spotlights, everyone freaked out about the way that it was a game destroying mistake, EA told us to be patient and that we did not understand their grand plan...and then it turned out to be just as bad as everybody thought it was likely to be, which there was no grand strategy. There isn't a great deal of credit.

    I read all the feedback, listen to all of the feedback, I work really tough to move it on to the developers and they've made changes in response to feedback many times before. This I 100% agree with. I believe this season is undoubtedly the best year we have ever had in terms of listening to feedback and adjustments being made to it in response. The GCs were thrilled about this shift. Because this is a change that is very 9, that would be, and the GCs are men and women who care a whole lot about Madden 20 NFL. Request to the neighborhood: recall the GCs are smart men and women who care about Madden 20 NFL, which the fact that most of their feedback to EA is behind the buy Madden 20 coins scenes does not mean they shills.
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