ACNH Guide - How To Get Snow Ball On Island

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    Finding Snowballs
    You should create an Animal Crossing: Fresh Horizons if you have the snow covered the ground of your island in the northern hemisphere from the 11th and the 24th of December, or the 11th to the 24th of June in the southern hemisphere. ACNH nook mile ticket can let your enjoy building snowball with friends together

    Every day when your island is shrouded with snow, two snowballs will appear in a random open spot, very next to each other. When an island is not available, snowballs will not be able to hatch, so you will have to delete those decorations.

    Remember that Snowballs cannot be seen on your island, if you play multiplayer online with your gate open. Try to reset and restart the game to a different place if you can't locate Snowballs anywhere. Look out for bugs from Dung Beetle.

    If you smash or kill your Snowballs, just join a building like your own and come out somewhere to create fresh snowballs. Beware of snowballs falling or hitting in any river or branches.

    Since constructing a snowboy, there will be no snowballs on your island until the next day, which ensures you have only one ability to create a snowman per day.
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